From Flock

Trying to post to my blog from Flock, the so-called “social web browser”. I quite like the fact that it brings together all social networking and sharing tools together. (more…)

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Could be the tundra?

  We spent a couple of days in Montreux. One of the highlights was the unplanned journey to Interlaken, by the GoldenPass Panoramic train, which allows a magnificent view of…

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Snow in Geneva

When we woke up this morning (less than an hour now) it was snowing! What’s remarkable about this is that this is the first time it is snowing here in Geneva this winter, although the mountains nearby have received plenty of snow – at least in comparison to last winter when the “no-snow” in Switzerland was the news of the year…. (more…)

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Depreciating value of NRIs!

As the value of dollar plunges further and further, and Asian and other non-US and non-Japanese products rule the world markets, obviously the value of NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) in the eyes of their kinfolk back home goes down too...

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Back to school, new suit

Recently I have gone back to “school”. Sohini was not amused a bit when I told her I’m going to be a student again, but that’s true. I have enrolled myself in a master’s course and the studies have started. (more…)

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India-Pakistan friendship concert

Through a friend in India I came to know about an innovative initiative called Friends Without Borders, which is involving kids of India and Pakistan in building peace relations.

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Play Holi – in a safe way

Today is Holi, the Indian festival of colours. I am sure all our Indian friends and family members are today busy colouring one another up. Wish all of you a highly fun-filled and happy Holi. We celebrated Holi in a different way

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