The Why and How of Simplifying Life
Japanese Zen stone garden - relaxation, meditation, simplicity and balance concept - panorama of pebbles and raked sand tranquil calm scene

The Why and How of Simplifying Life

If you want to live an effective life, one important thing you should focus on is simplifying your life. It’s not easy though; I’m still learning myself. I’m a person…

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Happy New Year!

Denmark welcomes the New Year with fireworks as elsewhere. But we didn't have an opportunity so far to experience it with such a panoramic view that we had last night.

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There is light at the end of the tunnel. There will be new life at the end of the long winter ahead. No matter how dark the days are, there'll be sunshine ahead. That is what these cactus flowers promise in the middle of the dull winter day. There was a brief sunshine, though, when I took this photo. Probably to underline the message.

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Will you rape me?

Last evening, I had this dialogue with a teenage girl on the street, walking from the opposite direction with another girl...

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Snowfall and sunset in Copenhagen
The sun sets in Copehagen after the first snowfall in December 2012. View from our terrace.

Snowfall and sunset in Copenhagen

We had the first snowfall of this winter in Copenhagen last evening, and it snowed through the night. Snowfall and sunset in Copenhagen, a set on Flickr. No matter how…

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Sunset in Copenhagen

Sunset in Copenhagen, a set on Flickr. The variety of sunset colours and mood in Copenhagen is amazing. I do think this is unique to this place. See for yourself!

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Northern Lights article (Bengali)
Northern Lights as seen from Tromso, Norway, on 3 January 2011, reflected in sea water.

Northern Lights article (Bengali)

Maitreyee wrote an article about our trip to Tromso on the New Year eve to see Northern Lights, and it has been published in the Desh magazine from Kolkata. Some of the photos Sohini and I took have also been published with the article. Enjoy!

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