Advice to a non-resident Indian!

The other day I got talking to a friend in India. He asked me what are my plans and when I mentioned that sooner or later I’d like to return to my homeland, he had a few words of advice, tongue solidly in cheek, listing why it would be a bad idea. Knowing my tendency for vacillation between jobs and professions, he imagined I was looking to go back to working in a TV channel (where I spent a substantial time in the past, with not much regret). So he set out on painting the picture of today’s TV media in India. This probably applies to the media in general – whether in India or much of elsewhere in the world – so after our long dialogue I asked him to pen his views down for me. The piece is in Hindi, so sorry if you cannot read Hindi or your PC doesn’t display the script properly.


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India-Pakistan friendship concert

pakistani-boy.jpgThrough a friend in India I came to know about an innovative initiative called Friends Without Borders, which is involving kids of India and Pakistan in building peace relations. Here’s what they say: “All across India, tens of thousands of children have begun writing heartfelt letters to the students in Pakistan. All across Pakistan, tens of thousands of children are replying with heartfelt letters back. New connections are being made. New friendships are being formed. Imagine if all the schools from both nations were to participate? What will happen when this generation grows up?”You can find out more about their work on their website. Interestingly, this initiative started with two American volunteers!! (more…)