Play Holi – in a safe way

2007_holi.jpgToday is Holi, the Indian festival of colours. I am sure all our Indian friends and family members are today busy colouring one another up. Wish all of you a highly fun-filled and happy Holi. We celebrated Holi in a different way: Maitreyee and Sohini applied colours to each other, sat in front of the PC and took a picture of themselves with the webcam and sent it to me! That’s the picture on the left. Do you notice the colours in their eyes? That’s because I’m visiting ‘home’ next weekend!!

We miss the festivity of the event, the spirit of bonhomie and brotherhood. That’s something to be cherished and nurtured. But I think we’re happy to be away from using the unhealthy and environmentally damaging chemicals used in the gulal and the colours, and from the unruly behaviour you sometimes have to witness or bear in the guise of being friendly and frolicking. And, sometimes I wonder if it is not a huge waste of water given the scarcity we face in many parts of India.