When we woke up this morning (less than an hour now) it was snowing! What’s remarkable about this is that this is the first time it is snowing here in Geneva this winter, although the mountains nearby have received plenty of snow – at least in comparison to last winter when the “no-snow” in Switzerland was the news of the year….

Everyone has been commenting on how warm this winter has been (though there have been frequent and sudden fluctuations in weather – reeling people into flu and other illnesses) and it looked like snow will skip Geneva this time. So we didn’t believe our friends who said last night the weather forecast indicated snow and low temperature…. Voila! The weather forecast seems to be right for once, though I still don’t think it can go down -15 degree C, as they are forecasting…Anyway, we are heading off to Montreux today for a short Easter break and wonder what awaits us there. Will share with you when we return. Have a happy Easter (if you celebrate it) or a good holiday!

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