Food crisis in many countries is now in the news for several months. It bothers me to think of the millions who cannot manage a square meal a day and are rioting for food, when there’s enough food to feed everyone. What can we do?

OneWorld has launched a campaign to bring the latest news about this crisis and also a list of organizations working to help the poor and hungry populations. We can support these organizations in different ways. Check out OneWorld’s campaign page for more details.

The Economist recently did a very in-depth coverage of the crisis that is worth reading. It includes links to sites with more information on the issue. The World Food Programme of course has lots of relevant information on its website.

Bloggers from around the world are also talking about the issue and bringing local opinions to the global discussion. Global Voices authors translate and link to the observations of ordinary people writing in citizen media in many different countries. Read their observations on Global Voices site.

The One campaign has started an online petition to President Bush that you can sign.


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