Mount Jura gets the first snow of the season, even as the trees are taking on autumn’s colours. Seen from our apartment in Geneva.

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  1. Karin SG

    My goodness, first snow already! That is a beautiful view you have!

  2. Kanti Kumar

    Yes, we consider ourselves lucky to be living in a beautiful place like Geneva and to have such an amazing view.

  3. Ed

    Hi Kanti,

    Just noticed that you’ve updated to this clean and white blog theme. Well chosen!

  4. Uma

    How wonderful to be able to look out the window and catch this amazing view!

  5. ruparup

    Dear Kanti,
    I do not like you plagiarising picture shots of the Jura.
    This is exactly the same view from my balcony also ;.))

  6. Kanti Kumar

    Hahaha! I get your point, but it’s not plagiarizing because you have not enjoyed the view from your balcony as I have done!! 🙂