Just a fake video of a genuine new year party we had on the eve of 2009. The background music is played by Sohini.

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  1. Amaresh Gupta

    Dear Maitreyee,Dear Kanti, DEarest Sohni,

    Congratulations to you Sohni for the wonderful music. Its a real treat to hear and experience one of my favourate Rabindrasangeet and thereby with pride to also see you!
    You all must be enjoying life in Geneva and believe me, your leaving Bonn was a good decision.

    With lots of love
    Yours Amareshda, Jethu

  2. Jaba

    Oh…How much I loved it…Sohini plays the keyboard so flawlessly in the background…I watched it throughout with my eyes getting moist repeatedly…so happy for you, Maitreyee and Sohini…sincere, good people like you deserve it!