As the value of dollar plunges further and further, and Asian and other non-US and non-Japanese products rule the world markets, obviously the value of NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) in the eyes of their kinfolk back home goes down too…

(Photo by Ewan Kennedy on Unsplash)

In a globalized world, the high-flying NRIs find their egos grounded by resident Indians who are coming up the ladder of social status, staying where they are!

Here is an excerpt from an interesting article in The Times of India: “The tidings about the demise of the NRI cachet and the rise of the RNI legend was brought recently to America, the largest hangout for NRIs, by a crestfallen member of the long-hyped tribe. He had returned from India rather shell-shocked. It’s not just that the dollar had sunk below Rs 40 and touts at Taj Mahal were using greenbacks to blow their kids’ noses, he sniffed; it was the way he was treated at home.”

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