We spent a couple of days in Montreux. One of the highlights was the unplanned journey to Interlaken, by the GoldenPass Panoramic train, which allows a magnificent view of the natural beauty of Switzerland: the mountains, the snow, the lakes, the valleys and the dazzling blue sky.

This is what you get to see if the weather is nice and clear. We didn’t expect it to be like that because when we booked the tickets a day earlier, it was raining and the forecast was for more rain and snow.

But, the weather turned completely next morning when we started for Interlaken. The journey itself is the destination, as it is correctly said. On the way back, however, the weather changed again, with heavy snow most of our way from Interlaken to Montreux.

The next day, however, was even better (or worse, depending upon your perspective). We went up to Rochers de Naye, a mountain peak that allows for a superb view of the Lake Geneva region in clear weather. But the weather was far from clear. Not only was the whole route (it takes an hour to reach there by a clog train) covered with heavy snow, but it was blanketed with a dense fog. So, all that we could see was white blankets around us! In the few windows of clarity we got, the view was breathtaking…

Here is one of the pictures I took from the train.

For more pictures from our Montreux trip, visit our  photo gallery here.

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