Copenhagen harbour on a gray day.
Copenhagen harbour on a gray day.

We just completed our first week in Copenhagen. We moved last week (31 July) from Geneva, where we lived for more than 2-and-a-half years. Here is a snapshot of the Copenhagen harbour on a gray day, taken in the initial days when we spent rainy, cold hours hunting for an apartment. We have not found the time to go sightseeing or scene shooting, but hopefully that will happen soon. Friends have warned us of the cold, gray climate here, but I have also been told that Scandinavia is a treasure for photography enthusiasts. So here we come, Copenhagen!

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  1. Sudhir

    Hi! Kanti. This is Sudhir, I used to be at UNFCCC BOnn. I have now moved to Copenhagen and heard that you are here, seems true from this website. my email id is It would be nice to meet up and catch up with you.