Recently I have gone back to “school”. Sohini was not amused a bit when I told her I’m going to be a student again, but that’s true. I have enrolled myself in a master’s course and the studies have started.

(Photo by Cole Keister on Unsplash)

True, it’s late in the day to get an MA degree (most of my contemporaries have post-PhD qualifications, or at least three or four MA degrees), but I hope not too late: so what I have failed thrice already, I can sure try again!

In fact, I don’t have to go to the school (the University of Canberra, which is offering the course). It comes to me. That’s the beauty of the Internet: I can study from home, from anywhere, anytime I want, like never before. And, the subject? It’s about the Internet too! I’ve been working in Internet communication for six years now, and every so often I wonder at the power of this new communication medium that gives ordinary people the power to communicate and create their own media, create their own news and create their own world. Now it is up to us how we “misuse” that power. Part of my reasons to do this MA is to study how we can do that for people’s empowerment. And the other part is real basic: damn, get a degree! If I had heeded to my teachers’ and parents’ advice in time, it would have been a different story. I wouldn’t have got now to share the PC and the study table with my daughter to do my homework… And I have no time for her homework. How can she be amused?

I also got a new suit recently: no, not a lawsuit, but as in one that you wear. But this one is not for me (they don’t suit me), but for my website. My website has now got a new look – with new colours and a simpler, smarter cut. Many of you had given your comments and inputs last year when I got a new design for the site, so will wonder what happened to that? Well, like us humans, websites have their own life cycle and their needs keep changing, and to fulfill their needs you need newer functionalities and looks…

So do check my new-look website and tell me what you think. And for some nostalgic pleasure, you can take a peek at how this site has looked over the past few years:

February 2006

December 2005

January 2005

April 2004

June 2003

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  1. Michelle Stryk

    Hi Kanti,

    Welcome back to school! I like the new suit. It’s calming, if that’s the effect you want. Drop me a line.