2021 is the year we hope to see a significant return of people to work. While virtual working has had many benefits, we all miss seeing people in the office (except perhaps that one guy who wears a Christmas sweater in November). The now-ubiquitous digital workplace […]

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It’s not surprising to learn that teams who stayed socially connected during lockdown performed better. Research from INSEAD found the teams that thrived used technology to become closer as a team. This is largely based on the simple premise that if we get along and trust each other, connect as humans, we’re more likely to help each other deliver higher-quality business outcomes.

Connecting virtually involves introducing more non-work activities into the structured digital world. Using the tools to socialize. Making more and better connections also requires us to present ourselves in those digital environments with our genuine traits rather than with a work persona.

Simply focusing on delivery as the measure of success can overlook the value of the social bonding skills that enable the best possible human collaboration. Skills that make a difference, and let’s not forget, skills that can’t be replaced by a robot (yet!).

PHOTO: Ioana Cristiana

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