Go with the flow

I look out of my office window and see a white bird flying across the water body. I was amazed at the strength of the bird to keep flying over such a long stretch of water body, but then birds do fly long distances, don’t they? What really surprised me is that the bird landed on water, and not on land, at the far corner of the water channel. Why would it fly that long to land not on land but on water, while there was no mate in sight? Well, I had to get back to my work, so didn’t think more about it.

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Do you know what your child sees online? 

Watch and spread this video produced by colleagues in my office about the harmful influences of surreptitious marketing of unhealthy food to children. Are you protecting your child from an unhealthy future of obesity and related diseases?

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Can a divided America heal?

America is today deeply divided, and it’s really scary. More so the division that is becoming evident on Facebook and Twitter, with alarming levels of dislike and disgust for people who have a different opinion, whether our friends from America or elsewhere.

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We don’t trust drinking fountains anymore, and that’s bad for our health – The Washington Post

Fountains were once a revered feature of urban life, a celebration of the tremendous technological and political capital it takes to provide clean drinking water to a community. Today, they’re in crisis. Though no one tracks the number of public fountains nationally, researchers say they’re fading from America’s parks, schools and stadiums.

Source: We don’t trust drinking fountains anymore, and that’s bad for our health – The Washington Post