Confluence of cultures

Maitreyee talking to two students
Maitreyee describing Indian culture to two students at the Cultures Day event.

One advantage of an expatriate’s life is the exposure one gets to other cultures, especially for children who study in international schools. Last week we were at the Cultures Day event of Sohini’s school, the Copenhagen International School. Children and parents of different countries put together tables (stalls) presenting their cultures: their food, clothing, artifacts, music, peoples and languages, and much more. It was colourful and educational, to say the least. We helped our friends to set up an Indian table too, and it was one of the most popular in the event. It was interesting to see the little kids’ eyes lit up with amazement when you tell them that India is a huge country the size of 75 Denmarks, and schools teach in some 50 different languages.

See more photos of the Cultures Day event


  1. Congratulations for this beautiful event. Indeed, all the colourful pictures reflect the richness of cultures and this is a wonderful opportunity for children and their families to share information and learn about culture and traditions in other countries.

    All the best,


  2. To encounter world cultures simultaneously in one day is wonderful experience. The Indian stall was definitely the most attractive one and our thanks go to Maitreyee Kumar and her friends. This event has led to international understanding on the people-to-people front.

  3. Hi uncle…its nice to see that India has such an impact in the world…yipee….India rocks….so do Indians…Jai Hind…

  4. Nothing better than to see intercultural exchange – especially when the focus is on children. Nothing better than to share experiences and learn from each other.
    Congratulations . . . What lovely photo’s!

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