Click to help Haiti: just click and they will donate for you

Survivor of Haiti earthquake
Haitians urgently need our help. (Courtesy:

Very sad to see the plight of the survivors of the earthquake in Haiti. Each of us must help them in any way we can. Here is a list of charities that are working to help Haitians and to whom you can donate money (that’s the best way to help in such situations) without a worry.

At the least, you can click on this web site once every day to help raise money. Every click adds money to the pot, so remember to spare a few seconds every day to click on it.

Author: Kanti Kumar

I am a communications professional with 30 years of experience in print, television, digital and social media. After working as a print and television journalist in various Indian media houses for more than a decade, I moved to digital media and since 2000, I have been managing web and social media communications for international NGOs and UN agencies.

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