Happy Diwali

Sohinis floral decoration for Diwali.  

Sohini's floral decoration for Diwali.

Belated ‘Happy Diwali’ greetings to all of you. Thanks to all of you for your greetings, and sorry for my delayed greetings. We have had some hectic days right up to Diwali evening, when we had Lakshmi puja at home in the presence of some friends. Living in Europe, one misses the form and fury of fireworks on Diwali night, but that means one gets to celebrate it truly as a festival of lights. So, Sohini decorated the apartment with candles, along with twinklers; one of her designs was this floral shape. You can see more photos in my Diwali 2008 photo gallery… 

As if Diwali being a working day was not enough, we had to travel to Bonn the next day at very short notice. After weeks of running around, we got visas (two sets: one to Germany and the other to return) just three hours before our flight, which had to be booked at the last minute. This allowed us only two hours to prepare and pack and no time to inform our friends in Bonn/Germany. So we couldn’t meet many of you despite our best intentions.

Indeed, rushed travel has been our story this year. Earlier this year, we visited India for a month during July-August. Optimistic as I am, we had our tickets booked months in advance. But as the travel day came closer, the chances of our travel looked slimmer – due to a similar situation with (return) visa etc… We eventually made it, but the rush meant we were not as organized as last time (2005) and so couldn’t inform and meet many of you in India. We really regret the missed opportunity. We intend to make up for this lapse the next time, hopefully not after another three years. 🙂 Meanwhile, I will update you with our stories and photos from India, time permitting! Watch this space.

Author: Kanti Kumar

I am a communications professional with 30 years of experience in print, television, digital and social media. After working as a print and television journalist in various Indian media houses for more than a decade, I moved to digital media and since 2000, I have been managing web and social media communications for international NGOs and UN agencies.

3 thoughts on “Happy Diwali”

  1. Yes, I used a digital SLR for this photo… as for the flower shape, it has no particular significance to my knowledge. In India, decorations are done using various patterns. But floral motifs are more common in traditional religious decorations.

  2. I was looking at your web projects page and I started looking at the UN volunteers website. I had no idea that existed. Interesting stuff… maybe I should send in my details…

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