Show time

We are all attracted to glamourous showcases. Most of us not only want to look at what is on the show, but often want to possess it, be it computers, designer clothes, toys, watches, wines or cars. But how does the world look from inside the showcase? I have no idea! But this mannequin seemed to express something from inside a showcase when I was passing by. This is from a photo shoot trip I went with a few friends last Saturday. We walked around in the old city parts of Geneva. See more photos from that trip in my Flickr gallery.

Author: Kanti Kumar

I am a communications professional with 30 years of experience in print, television, digital and social media. After working as a print and television journalist in various Indian media houses for more than a decade, I moved to digital media and since 2000, I have been managing web and social media communications for international NGOs and UN agencies.

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