The Trend of Violence on the Indian Screen
Is violence shown on TV the main reason for the increase in violence by children, teenagers and society in general? I was awarded the K. K. Birla Foundation Fellowship for Journalists in October 1998 to study and write on this topic.

Management of Water in Hirakud Dam Project
Are big dams the answer to frequent floods and demands for power and irrigation water? I tried to answer this question by looking at the water management in the Hirakud Dam project in Orissa, under a one-month Fellowship for Journalists from the Centre for Science and Environment, in January 1988.

The Health Situation in Delhi
How good are the health services in the Indian national capital? I undertook this research study in the backdrop of Delhi’s gastroenteritis epidemic in 1988 as a project during my journalism training at the Times Research Foundation’s School of Social Journalism. My project report [PDF] received the Economic Times Award for Best Project Report for the year.


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